The law does not concern itself with trifles.


We aim to be transparent when it comes to the issue of costs because we understand that it is an issue at the forefront of your mind when you consult a solicitor.

For much of the work we do (such as Conveyancing, the preparation of Wills & Probate matters) we will usually agree a fixed fee at the outset. For other work we may agree an hourly rate commensurate with the experience and expertise of the solicitor dealing with your case. If we agree an hourly rate we will you keep informed as to on-going costs. But most importantly we want to be confident that you know what the cost will be and that you are satisfied that it is good value for money.

You may make payment by credit card or debit card or by cheque. Unfortunately we can not accept payment in cash for any sum exceeding £300.00. This is in line with our firm’s Money Laundering Avoidance Policy.