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Powers Of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney is way of appointing someone else to make decisions about your finances and also if desired your welfare should you become unable make those decisions for yourself. Such an important decision should be taken in advance and clearly requires expert and sensitive guidance, which is something the solicitors at Joseph A. Jones & Co are renowned for.

Generally it is family members or friends who are appointed under such a power, but we also act as attorney for clients if desired. Sue Hodgson and Gary Rycroft have many years’ experience of acting as attorney for a number of clients and whilst we obviously need to charge for this service, you’ll enjoy the full peace of mind that your affairs are being dealt with in a professional and businesslike manner.

However, the most important thing is that you make the decision of who to appoint in advance and that we empower that decision on your behalf.

We can offer advice to the donor of the power or to the attorney appointed – as long as we don’t feel there’s a conflict of interest.

Court of Protection

If arrangements have not been made in advance, we are also experts in dealing with applications to the Office of the Public Guardian for the appointment of a Deputy (formerly known as a Receiver) and related matters under the jurisdiction of the Court of Protection.

At Joseph A. Jones & Co we are familiar with the procedures of the Court having built up many years’ experience of such matters. We can guide you through the maze of paperwork and lift the burden from you at what can be a worrying and difficult time.