The bestower of a gift has a right to regulate its disposal.


The death of a loved one, either a family member or a friend, is an extremely emotional time and here at Joseph A Jones & Co, we are aware of and sensitive to that.  We also recognise that receiving tactful and reliable legal advice following a bereavement is a valuable service to our clients.

At Joseph A Jones & Co, we are on your side and at no time is that more important than if you are feeling vulnerable because of bereavement.  All of our Solicitors have experience in dealing with probate matters so that if you experience the death of a loved one wherever possible we will ensure that you get to deal with the Solicitor at the firm who you have dealt with previously or who dealt with the affairs of the person who has died.

Some estates are complex and some are not.  Sometimes you may wish to deal with part of the administration of the estate yourself and sometimes you may wish to hand over everything to us.  We will meet with you at a time and place of your choosing and we will discuss with you the options as regards the administration of the estate of the person concerned so that together we can decide on the best way forward.

Unlike other firms of Solicitors, probate is a priority for us and we will endeavour to deal with the administration of an estate as quickly and efficiently as possible.