The bestower of a gift has a right to regulate its disposal.


A trust is a way of making arrangements for beneficiaries (usually family members) to benefit from property held in trust and looked after by trustees.  Trusts can be set up during your lifetime or by your Will upon death.  At Joseph A Jones & Co, we have set up and administered a considerable number of trusts over many years and have a wealth of experience of dealing with such matters. We also act as trustees if desired.

For many people, the idea of setting up a trust is remote. They are considered old fashioned or something for “other people” and “not us”.

Like everything we do at Joseph A Jones & Co, we would aim to explain to you the benefits (and drawbacks) of setting up a trust if it is something that we consider appropriate for your circumstances.  Trusts are a useful means of sheltering assets for the benefit of your family for now and for years to come and it may be that it is something that you should think about.

Come and talk to us at Joseph A Jones & Co and we will take you through what would be involved on a step by step basis.